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Teeth Straightening

At Dundee Dental Care our cosmetic dentists use Quick Straight Teeth  to give you the straight smile you have always wanted. This straightening system uses only clear braces and tooth coloured wires, which results in a more subtle look compared to regular braces.


Our dentist will assess your teeth and let you know if you are eligible for treatment. They will also discuss with you how to maintain good dental hygiene whilst wearing the system and how long the treatment is likely to take.


Teeth Whitening

A common cosmetic treatment at Dundee Dental Care is teeth whitening making your smile glow. We use WhiteWash teeth whitening home and in practice sessions.


Your dentist will check you for any untreated dental problems first before taking a mould of your teeth. A custom dental tray will be made for you to use at home and we will give you advice on how to avoid sensitivity and gum damage.

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smile makeovers in dundee


Smile Makeovers

Many patients come to see us with complex dental problems or a desire to improve their smile. You can speak with our cosmetic dentist about a smile makeover which can involve anything from simple teeth whitening to more complex treatments such as straightening and replacing missing teeth.


We will give you advice and discuss the best treatment and finance options for you to gain the smile you have always wanted.

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